About Me
I am a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant for DecisionFirst Technologies.

In my current position, I do everything from SAP BO system installations and upgrades through report and universe design as well as a fair amount of work in both the .NET and Java SDKs for BO and Crystal Reports.

For a former employer, my projects included moving and integrating seven separate Seagate Info 7.5 systems into a single BusinessObjects XI r2 which was later upgraded to BusinessObject XI 3.1.  As part of these implementations, I did a LOT of custom programming in C# with the Business Objects .NET SDK.

This site includes some of the code that I've written that interacts with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (XI r2, XI 3.1, and BI 4.0) through the SDK. This code also works with SAP BusinessObjects Edge and some of it works with Crystal Reports Server. The documentation for using the SDK tends to be difficult to search and use, so I'm posting some code examples to this site.

Oh, and did I mention, I LOVE what I do! I've had a lot of fun figuring out how to use the SDK to do the things I need it to do.

Outside of work, I do a lot of fiber crafts, including spinning and weaving in addition to spending time with my new husband, daughters and grandson.

Code Samples
The code samples included in the downloads under the "My .NET SDK Sample Code" link to the right may or may not be complete. I am providing them as samples of some of the things that you can do with the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise SDK.

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My .NET SDK Sample Code
Sample code last updated: 9/14/2012
Name: Dell Stinnett-Christy
Email: dellstinnett_at_gmail
Updated: 4/3/2013